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Feride Deniz

Feride Deniz

Feride Deniz

Ph.D. Student, Critique, Image, and Politics



Office: 315.443.3863

Biographic Overview

Degree: Began Ph.D. Program in 2022
Concentration: Critique, Image, and Politics
Advisor: Jeanette S. Jouili

Feride obtained her BA with a major in American Culture and Literature and a minor in Theology and received her MA in Psychology of Religion at Istanbul University. Her master's thesis titled "The Trauma of Birth in Modern and Sufi Psychology: The Primal Union and Separation" will be published as a book in 2023. Her research interests include Islam, Sufism, Mysticism, Psychology (particularly Psychoanalysis), Continental Philosophy, Critical Race and Postcolonial Theory, Feminist Theory, Literature, Language, Culture, and Cinema.

For her Ph.D. project, Feride wants to study home and homelessness as existential conditions of human life. In engagement with Sufi philosophies, Feride wants to theorize the cultural, linguistic, gendered, and existential consequences of experiences of displacement and dislocation from 'home'.