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Dillon Andrew Sampson

Dillon Andrew Sampson

Dillon Andrew Sampson

PhD Student, Communities and Identities




  • Degree: Began Ph.D. program in 2019
  • Concentration: Communitites and Identities
  • Advisor: Dr. Phil Arnold

Bio: Dillon Sampson received his B.A. in Religious Studies with Research Distinction and Magna Cum Laude honors from The Ohio State University. Additionally, he subsequently earned his M.A. in Religious Studies with a graduate certificate in Critical Theory from the University of Colorado. His current research is occupied with the Neo-Pagan movement in Europe, but most especially the Germanic Neo-Pagan tradition of Ásatrú. In particular, he is interested in the processes through which practitioners of the “Heathen” tradition (re)construct relations to the sacred and how these constructions come to bear on the formulation of ethnic and racial identities apropos the land of which they are “indigenous.”

In his free time, Dillon enjoys throwing back pints at a cozy pub or watching his beloved Buckeye football team take the field on fall Saturday afternoons.