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G. Scott Watson

G. Scott Watson

G. Scott Watson



315 Physics Building
Office: 401.225.1177


  • 2005 Ph.D. in Physics Brown University
  • 2002 M.S. in Physics Brown University
  • 2000 B.S. in Physics with distinction (magna cum laude) B.S. in Mathematics with distinction University of North Carolina, Wilmington

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Research Interests
  • Early universe cosmology and its connection to physics beyond the Standard Model.
  • Inflation, Dark matter and Dark Energy.
  • String Phenomenology.
  • String theory as a quantum theory of gravity.

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Prof. Watson's research focuses on the connection between fundamental particle physics and cosmology with an emphasis on physics beyond the Standard Model. These investigations lead to testable predictions which make it tractable to probe the earliest moments of the universe and properties of fundamental theories, such as string theory.

Selected Publications

G. Kane and S. Watson, “Dark Matter and LHC: What is the Connection?,” Mod. Phys. Lett. A 23, 2103 (2008).

B. S. Acharya, P. Kumar, K. Bobkov, G. Kane, J. Shao and S. Watson, “Non-thermal Dark Matter and the Moduli Problem in String Frameworks,” JHEP 0806, 064 (2008).

Brian Greene, Simon Judes, Janna Levin, Scott Watson, Amanda Weltman, "Cosmological moduli dynamics", JHEP 0707:060 (2007).

Scott Watson, Malcolm Perry, Gordon Kane, and Fred Adams, "Inflation without Inflatons", JCAP 0711:017 (2007).

T. Battefeld and S. Watson, “String gas cosmology,” Rev. Mod. Phys. 78, 435 (2006).