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Peter A. Vanable

Peter A. Vanable

Peter A. Vanable



304 Lyman Hall
Office: 315.443.2543


Graduate School


  • Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago
  • B.A., Kenyon College

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Research and Teaching Interests

My research focuses on psychological aspects of health and illness, with an emphasis on behavioral aspects of HIV/AIDS. Current projects include studies designed to characterize the coping challenges and experiences of men and women who are living with HIV disease, as well as studies that evaluate the effectiveness of interventions to reduce high risk sexual behavior. My interests also include the prevention and treatment of addictive behaviors.

Representative Publications

Vanable, P.A., Carey, M.P., Brown, J.L., Littlewood, R., & Blair, D.C. What HIV+ MSM Want from Sexual Risk Reduction Interventions: Findings from a Qualitative Study (2012). AIDS and Behavior, 16, 554-563.

Brown, J. & Vanable, P.A. (2008). Stress Management Interventions for Persons Living with HIV: A Review and Critique of the Literature. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 35, 26-40.

Littlewood, R.A., Vanable, P.A., Carey, M.P., & Blair, D.C. (2008). Impact of Benefit Finding on Psychological Adjustment and Health Behavior Adaptation among HIV+ Women. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 31, 145-155.

Vanable, P.A., McKirnan, D.J., MacQueen, K. Bartholow, B., Buchbinder, S, Douglas, J. & Judson, F. (2004). Alcohol use and high-risk sexual behavior among men who have sex with men: The effects of consumption level and partner type. Health Psychology, 23, 525-532.

Vanable, P.A., Carey, M.P., Blair, D., & Littlewood (2006). Impact of HIV-Related Stigma on Health Behaviors and Psychological Adjustment Among HIV-Positive Men and Women. AIDS and Behavior, 10, 473-482.

Vanable P.A., Carey, M.P. Bostwick, R.A., Romer, D. DiClemente, R., Stanton, B., Valois, R.F., & Brown, L. (2008). Community partnerships in HIV prevention research: The example of Project iMMPACS. Chapter in B. Stanton et al. (Eds)., The uncharted path from clinic-based to community-based research (pp. 155-174). Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science.

Vanable, P.A., Carey, M.P., Brown, J. L., DiClemente, R., Salazar, L., Brown, L., Romer, D., Valois, R. Hennessy, M., & Stanton, B. (2009). Test-Retest Reliability of Self-Reported HIV/STD-related Measures Among African-American Adolescents in Four U.S. Cities. Journal of Adolescent Health, 4, 214-221.