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Ramani Voleti

Ramani Voleti

Ramani Voleti

Pronouns: She/Her
Associate Teaching Professor, M.S., CCC-SLP, BC-ANCDS, LSVTC


Communication Sciences and Disorders
Gebbie Clinic, 621 Skytop Road, Suite 1200
Office: 315.443.9642


  • M.S. in Speech Language Pathology (June 2003, Syracuse University, NY)
  • B.S in Speech & Hearing (May 1985, All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, Mysore, India)

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Courses Taught

Grad Courses:

  • CSD 600: Professional Issues in Medical SLP (2009-Current) - 1 credit elective
  • CSD 727: Neurogenic Communication Disorders II (2017- 2023)
  • SEM 100: First Year Experience Focusing on Diversity and Inclusion (2020)
  • CSD 611: Motor Speech Disorders (2006- 2016)
  • CSD 725: Neuropathologies of Language (2013)

Undergrad Courses:

  • CSD 450/650: Clinic Seminar (2007-2008)
  • CSD 451/651: Clinical Methods in SLP (2011-2013)
  • CSD 409/609: Cognitive Neuroscience of Speech and Language (Spring 2024)
Biographic Overview

Ramani Voleti is a speech-language clinical supervisor and associate teaching professor at the Gebbie Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic. Ms. Voleti’s clinical and research interests include evaluation and treatment of adults with neurogenic communication disorders such as aphasia, apraxia, dysarthria, dysphagia, cognitive linguistic disorders, and voice disorders. She is certified in Lee Silverman Voice Therapy (LSVT) and board certified in Neurogenic Communications Disorders in Adults by the Academy of Neurologic Communication Disorders and Sciences (ANCDS).

Research Interests

Adults with Neurogenic Communication Disorders and Voice Disorders

Research Specializations

Adults with Neurogenic Communication Disorders and Voice Disorders

Publications and Presentations


Lowell, S.Y., Kelley, R.T., Busekroos, L., Voleti, R., Hosbach-Cannon, C.J., Colton R.H., Mihaila, D. (2017). The Effect of Anchors on Reliability of Endoscopic Tremor Ratings. Laryngoscope, 127(2), 411-416.


Kamath, S., Davis, A., Rivera, A., Pei., Y., Voleti, R., (2022, November 16). Are We REDI for Heterogeneity? Academy Of Neurologic Communication Disorders and Sciences Annual Scientific Meeting, New Orleans, LA, United States.

Kamath, S., Davis, A., Voleti, R., Rivera, A. (2021, October 22). Race, Equity,

Diversity & Inclusion: The Big-Picture! Academy Of Neurologic Communication Disorders and Sciences Annual Scientific Meeting, Virtual, United States.

Invited International Presentation (2022, October 27): Improving Word Retrieval Abilities in Aphasia: Recent Trends and Clinical insight. Online Webinar for Special Interest Group Clinical Aphasiology, Indian Speech and Hearing Association.

Invited virtual presentations (2020-Ogoing/twice a year): “Ethics in Communication Disorders” for Central New York Speech Language and Hearing Association After Hours (fulfils ASHA requirement)

Invited online presentation (2021, December 2). Apraxia of Speech: Is it just tapping and syllable segmentation? Central New York Speech Language Hearing Association (CNYSSLHA) Medical Study Group.

Gargan, C., Lightburn, A.L., Voleti, R., Maxfield, S. E. (2021, May 14). Telepractice for speech language pathology services across the lifespan and disorders. Virtual presentation at Syracuse University.

Invited International Presentation (2021, April): Tele-rehabilitation for Adult Aphasia and Related Neuro communication Disorders: Theory & Practice. Online oral presentation at Annual National Conference of World/ Indian Federation of Neuro Rehabilitation (WFNR/IFNR)

Voleti, R (2020, November). ANCDS Board Certification: Steps, Benefits, and Myths. Oral presentation at New York State Speech Language and Hearing Association’s Unconventional Continuing Education Virtual Program.

Invited presentation (2020, September) : “Aphasia Therapy: What is new? An Update and Review” for CNYSSLHA Medical study Group.

Honors and Awards
  • Distinguished clinician award (2019) by New York State Speech Language and Hearing Association (NYSSLHA)
  • Meritorious award for the poster presented at the annual convention of American Speech Language and Hearing Association, Philadelphia, PA (2016, November)
  • Recipient of the ASHA Award for Continuing Education (ACE): 2008, 2015, 2017, 2019, 2021