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Alison Patteson

Alison Patteson

Alison Patteson

Associate Professor


209 Physics Building




  • 2016 Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
  • 2016 M.A. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
  • 2011 B.S. Physics and B.S. Mathematics, Kutztown University

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Research Interests

  • How do cells sense and respond to their environment?
  • Cell migration and cellular biomechanics
  • Self-organization and collective motion in active biological materials

Research Spotlight

embryonic fibroblasts

Immunofluorescence image of vimentin intermediate filaments (green) in mouse embryonic fibroblast.

Honors and Awards

  • 2024 Maria Goeppert Mayer Award, American Physics Society
  • 2023 NSF CAREER Award
  • 2023 Sloan Research Fellow, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
  • 2023 Cottrell Scholar, Research Corporation
  • 2018 Dissertation Award in Statistical and Non-linear Physics, American Physical Society
  • 2012 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow
Selected Publications

R. Carroll, M. Thanh, A.E. Patteson. Dynamic remodeling of fiber networks with stiff inclusions under compressive loading. Acta Biomaterialia, 163, 106-116 (2023).

M. Asp, M. Ho, D. Germann, R.J. Carroll, A. Franceski, R. Welch, A. Gopinath, A. E. Patteson, Spreading rates of bacteria colonies depend on substrate stiffness and permeability. PNAS Nexus 1, pgac025 (2022)

Ł.Suprewicz*, M.Swoger*, S. Gupta, E. Piktel, F.J. Byfield, D.V. Iwamoto, D.A. Germann+, J. Reszeć, N. Marcińczyk, P.A. Janmey, J.M. Schwarz, R. Bucki, A.E. Patteson, Extracellular vimentin as a target against SARS-CoV-2 host cell invasion. Small 2105640 (2021).

S. Gupta, A.E. Patteson, J.M. Schwarz, The role of vimentin-nuclear interactions in persistent cell motility through confined spaces. New Journal of Physics. 23, 093042 (2021)

A.E. Patteson*, A. Vahabikashi*, K. Pogoda, S.A. Adam, K. Mandal, M. Kittisopikul, S. Siyagurunathan, A. Goldman, R.D. Goldman, and P.A. Janmey. Vimentin protects cells against nuclear rupture and DNA damage during migration. J. Cell Biol. 218 (12): 4079–4092 (2019)

*Denote equal contribution

American Physical Society Honors Professor Alison Patteson

(Oct. 24, 2023)

Physicist has received early-career award for her research on how the physical environment affects complex living systems.

Department of Physics Holds Second Annual Paid Internship Program for Aspiring Young Scientists in Syracuse

(Aug. 10, 2023)

The Syracuse University Research in Physics program brings Syracuse City School District students to campus labs for six weeks of physics research.

A&S Faculty Collect Top National Awards and Grants

(March 2, 2023)

EES professor Tripti Bhattacharya, physics professor Alison Patteson and chemistry professors Olga Makhlynets and Rachel Steinhardt are recognized for their innovative and noteworthy research.

A Home-Grown Path for Future Physicists

(Aug. 10, 2022)

Syracuse City School District students get a taste for college-level research alongside A&S faculty through the Syracuse University Research in Physics (SURPh) paid internship.

Viewing a Microcosm Through a Physics Lens

(April 19, 2022)

Research could have implications on human health and medicine.

A&S Physicist and Chemist Awarded NIH MIRA Grants

(Nov. 23, 2021)

The five-year awards will fund Alison Patteson’s and Davoud Mozhdehi’s protein research.

Keeping SARS2 Out of the Cell

(Feb. 10, 2021)

A&S physicists are leading a team of researchers who are one of the first to pinpoint a novel method of using anti-vimentin antibodies to block cellular uptake of the coronavirus.

Shielding the Cell

(Dec. 13, 2019)

A&S Professor Uncovers 'Cage' of Proteins

New Faculty Snapshot: Alison Patteson

(May 2, 2018)

The new research assistant professor of physics comes to Syracuse from the University of Pennsylvania