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Nidhi Pashine

Nidhi Pashine

Nidhi Pashine

Pronouns: She/her
Assistant Professor


229-A Physics Building


Ph.D. in Physics, University of Chicago, 2021
Integrated M.Sc. in Physics, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, 2014

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Research Interests
  • Mechanical metamaterials
  • Disordered systems
  • Granular materials
  • Memory formation in materials
  • Robotic soft materials

Research Spotlight:

A tessellated granular metamaterial. By isolating particles into smaller cells, we can limit interparticle interactions in a packing. Tessellating a large packing into smaller ones can change its mechanical behavior to create interesting material properties.

tessellated granular metamaterial


Inverse design machine and making a designer impact-mitigating architectured isotropic structure. United States Patent No. 11475185. 2022

Selected Publications

Tessellated granular metamaterials with tunable moduli
Nidhi Pashine, Dong Wang, Jerry Zhang, Sree Kalyan Patiballa, Sven Witthaus, Mark D. Shattuck, Corey S. O’Hern, Rebecca Kramer-Bottiglio
Extreme Mechanics Letters, 2023.

Reprogrammable allosteric metamaterials from disordered networks
Nidhi Pashine, Amir M. Nasab, Rebecca Kramer-Bottiglio
Soft Matter, 2023.

Local rules for fabricating allosteric networks
Nidhi Pashine
Physical Review Materials, 2021.

Directed aging, memory and Nature’s greed
Nidhi Pashine*, Daniel Hexner*, Andrea J. Liu, Sidney R. Nagel
Science Advances, 2019.

Honors and Awards
  • 2023 Rising stars in Physics, UC Berkeley
  • 2017 NSF MRSEC Graduate Fellowship, University of Chicago
  • 2015 Sachs Fellowship, University of Chicago
  • 2014 Rao Fellowship, University of Chicago