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Liviu Movileanu

Liviu Movileanu

Liviu Movileanu



211 Physics Building
Office: 315.443.8078






  • 1997 Ph.D. in Biophysics, University of Bucharest
  • 1990 M.S. Polymer Physics, University of Bucharest
  • 1989 B.S. in Physics, University of Bucharest

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Research Interests
  • Single-molecule and Membrane Biophysics.
  • Bionanotechnology.
  • Nanofluidics.
  • Biosensors and Functional Biomaterials.
  • Membrane protein design.

Research Spotlight


The right-hand panel illustrates a 3 nm pore in silicon nitride. Image was taken in STEM mode on the FEI Tecnai F20 TEM/STEM at the Cornell Center for Materials Research (CCMR). The left-hand panel shows a single-channel electrical recording of transient current blockades produced by individual double-stranded DNA molecules.

A&S Physicist Awarded Two NIH R01 Grants for Cutting-Edge Biosensor Design Work

(Nov. 1, 2023)

Professor Liviu Movileanu and his team are developing generalizable nano-sized sensors which could one day help detect biomarkers for various diseases.

‘Fishing’ for Biomarkers

(March 20, 2023)

A team of researchers, including Syracuse University physics professor Liviu Movileanu and postdoctoral researcher Mohammad Ahmad, have developed a broadly applicable nano-sensor capable of single-molecule precision.

(Bio)Sensing Protein Interactions

(Feb. 21, 2022)

A team of A&S researchers have designed a highly sensitive sensor capable of identifying proteins in solution down to a single molecule.

Physics Professor and Ph.D. Graduate Attend Biophysical Society Annual Meeting

(Feb. 17, 2020)

Professor Liviu Movileanu and Avinash Thakur Ph.D. presented their research on molecular "fishing."

Turning Student Research into Reality

(Jan. 22, 2019)

Ph.D. candidate Avinash “Avi” Thakur helps design nanomaterials that could improve cancer detection

Physicist Applies Nanotechnology to Detect Protein-Protein Interactions

(Dec. 10, 2018)

Professor Liviu Movileanu designs biosensors that target proteins interacting with one another

Physicist Awarded NIH Grant to Enhance Protein Detection

(Sept. 6, 2018)

Professor Liviu Movileanu develops biosensors to identify proteins in leukemia, cancer

Physics Student Reaps Success as Bioentrepreneur

(Nov. 21, 2017)

Aaron Wolfe is the chief operating officer of his biotech company, Ichor Therapeutics.

Selected Publications

L.A. Mayse, A. Imran, Y. Wang, M. Ahmad, R.A. Oot, S. Wilkens, and L. Movileanu, 2023, Evaluation of Nanopore Sensor Design Using Electrical and Optical Analyses, ACS Nano 17(11), 10857-10871. PMCID: PMC10278182

M. Ahmad, J.-H. Ha, L.A. Mayse, M. Presti, A.J. Wolfe, K.J. Moody, S. Loh , L. Movileanu, 2023, A Generalizable Nanopore Sensor for Highly Specific Protein Detection at Single-Molecule Precision, Nature Commun. 14, 1374. PMCID: PMC10027671

L.A. Mayse, A. Imran, M.G. Larimi, M.S. Cosgrove, A.J. Wolfe, and L. Movileanu, 2022, Disentangling the recognition complexity of a protein hub using a nanopore, Nature Commun. 13(1), PMCID: PMC8861093.

A.K. Thakur and L. Movileanu, 2019, Real-time measurement of protein-protein interactions at single-molecule resolution using a biological nanopore, Nature Biotechnol. 37(1), 96-101.PMCID: PMC6557705

M.G. Larimi, L.A. Mayse, and L. Movileanu, 2019, Interactions of a Polypeptide with a Protein Nanopore Under Crowding Conditions, ACS Nano 13(4), 4469-4477. PMCID: PMC6482057