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Justin M. Ryan

Justin M. Ryan

Justin M. Ryan

Part-time Instructor


207 Carnegie Library

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Research Interests

Applied mathematics: computational biology, medical science

Research Specializations

Differential Geometry, Data Science

Lab Affiliations

Auerbach Lab @ SUNY Upstate


American Epilepsy Society, International Society for Computerized Electrocardiology


Heart Rate and Autonomic Biomarkers Distinguish Convulsive Epileptic vs. Functional or Dissociative Seizures (RYAN JM, Wagner KT, Erba G, Auerbach DS, et al). Seizure, 2023.

It is Premature for a Unified Hypothesis of SUDEP: A Great Amount of Research is Still Needed to Understand the Multi-System Cascade (Singh V∗; RYAN JM∗; Auerbach DS). Epilepsia, 2023. ∗Co-first author

Honors and Awards

NIH R61/R33: 1 R61 NS133273-01 [Grant]: Development of a Genetic Rabbit Model of Kcnh2-Mediated Epilepsy, SUDEP, & Long QT Syndrome Type-2 (Co-Investigator)

University of Rochester Center for Translational Research [Grant]: Wearable Multi-System Recordings for Improved Disease Diagnostics (Co-Investigator)

Dravet Syndrome Foundation and JAM For Dravet Foundation [Grant]: Genetic Substrates and Physiological Triggers for Autonomic and Cardiac Abnormalities in Dravet Syndrome (Co-Investigator)