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Jessie B. Joyce

Jessie B. Joyce

Jessie B. Joyce

Assistant Teaching Professor


344 Marley Educational Building


  • Ph.D., Temple University
  • B.A., St. Bonaventure University

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Courses Taught

  • FYS 101: First Year Seminar
  • PSY 213 Research Methods
  • PSY 252 Statistical Methods II
  • PSY 374 Social Psychology
  • PSY 400 Self & Identity
Research and Teaching Interests

As an instructor, I strive to foster academic engagement. With this goal in mind, my main priority when interacting with students is to create environments which encourage their sense of belonging and confidence. Nurturing belonging begins by helping students to develop and pursue intrinsic interests. Building confidence begins by helping students to feel more prepared in the classroom by developing critical thinking and writing skills.

In my research, I take a social cognitive approach to study how people change the way they recall the past to serve their self-enhancement and self-regulation goals, with a specific interest in changes to their levels of construal. This has led me to examine a variety of topics such as: autobiographical narratives, responses to self-esteem threats, differences in attributes ascribed to past-, present- and future-selves, and implicit associations between levels of construal and temporal categories.