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Jeewon Oh

Jeewon Oh

Jeewon Oh

Assistant Professor


456 Marley Educational Building


  • Ph.D. in Psychology, Michigan State University

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Courses Taught

  • Personality Psychology
Biographic Overview

Jeewon is a social-personality psychologist who takes a lifespan development perspective to study the good life. Specifically, she is a relationships/singlehood researcher interested in how people find health and happiness both inside and out of close relationships. Jeewon received her Ph.D. from Michigan State University. A big part of her work uses existing datasets, which can help address concerns about using non-representative samples (e.g., university students in North America) and ask bigger questions (e.g., how do people change over long spans of time?) that are difficult to answer with the resources of a single lab.

Research Interests

Jeewon is broadly interested in positivity in close relationships and singlehood. She examines predictors of relational and individual well-being. At the heart of this interest are questions regarding how members of a relationship are influenced by one another and how positive traits develop over time. She has been involved in projects examining how and why single people’s well-being changes over time. She is also interested in the effects of obligation and partner’s optimism on relational and personal well-being.

Research Specializations

Singlehood, Close Relationships, Well-being, Personality, Lifespan development

Honors and Awards

Society for Personality and Social Psychology Graduate Student Outstanding Research Award, Michigan State University Graduate Office Fellowship for Dissertation Research