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Richard L. Hallberg

Richard L. Hallberg

Richard L. Hallberg

Emeritus Professor


354 Life Sciences Complex

Research Interests

Protein phosphatases and the cell cycle in yeast; role of molecular chaperones in mitochondrial DNA replication

  • Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1968
  • Postdoc, California Institute of Technology, 1968-70
Selected Publications
  • Gentry, MS, Hallberg, RL, and Pallas, DC, (2005). An in vivo assay to quantify stable protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) heterotrimeric species. Meth. Mol. Biol. (accepted for publication).
  • Gentry MS, Li Y, Wei H, Syed FF, Patel SH, Hallberg RL, Pallas DC. (2005). A novel assay for protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) complexes in vivo reveals differential effects of covalent modifications on different Saccharomyces cerevisiae PP2A heterotrimers. Eukaryot Cell. 4:1029-1040.
  • Dobbelaere, J., Gentry, M.S., Hallberg, R.L., and Barral, Y. (2003). Phosphorylation-dependent regulation of septin dynamics during the cell cycle. Developmental Cell 4: 345-357.
  • Gentry, M., and Hallberg, R.L. (2002). Regulation of the localization of PP2A subunits during the S. cerevisiae cell cycle. Molecular Biology of the Cell 13: 3477-3492.
  • Jiang, W. and Hallberg, R.L. (2001). Correct regulation of the Septation Initiation Network (SIN) in S. pombe requires the activities of par1 and par2. Genetics 158: 1413-1429.