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Georgia Mansell

Georgia Mansell

Georgia Mansell

Assistant Professor


LIGO Hanford Observatory


  • Australian National University ā€“ PhD in squeezed light for gravitational-wave detectors
  • The University of Adelaide ā€“ BSc (Hons)

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Biographic Overview

My research background is in optics, lasers, and instrumentation for interferometric ground-based gravitational-wave detectors. My PhD research was on squeezed states of light for gravitational-wave detectors, and my postdoctoral work was on commissioning the advanced LIGO detectors. Iā€™m excited to build an inclusive research group at Syracuse and set up a new lab space focused on testing technologies for future gravitational-wave detectors.

Research Interests

Physics, optics, gravitational wave instrumentation, lasers, quantum optics

Research Specializations

Gravitational wave detector instrumentation