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Georgia Mansell

Georgia Mansell

Georgia Mansell

Assistant Professor


LIGO Hanford Observatory


  • Australian National University – PhD in squeezed light for gravitational-wave detectors
  • The University of Adelaide – BSc (Hons)

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Biographic Overview

My research background is in optics, lasers, and instrumentation for interferometric ground-based gravitational-wave detectors. My PhD research was on squeezed states of light for gravitational-wave detectors, and my postdoctoral work was on commissioning the advanced LIGO detectors. I’m excited to build an inclusive research group at Syracuse and set up a new lab space focused on testing technologies for future gravitational-wave detectors.

Research Interests

Physics, optics, gravitational wave instrumentation, lasers, quantum optics

Research Specializations

Gravitational wave detector instrumentation

Five NSF Grants Fund Syracuse University Researchers’ Work with Cosmic Explorer

(Oct. 10, 2023)

Researchers from the University’s new Center for Gravitational Wave Astronomy and Astrophysics are at the intellectual center of the next-generation observatory.

Syracuse University Launches the Center for Gravitational Wave Astronomy and Astrophysics

(Sept. 25, 2023)

The new center officially launched with an opening ceremony featuring distinguished speakers from Harvard, MIT and Princeton.

A&S Physicists Part of NSF PAARE Grant to Diversify Astrophysics

(Aug. 28, 2022)

The grant will establish a pathway to success for physics graduate students from underrepresented groups.