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Daniel Waterman

Daniel Waterman

Daniel Waterman

Professor Emeritus


215F Carnegie Library

Daniel Waterman received his B.A. at Brooklyn College in 1947 and his A.M. at Johns Hopkins in 1948, was a research associate with the Cowles Commission on Research in Economics 1951-1952 and was a Fullbright Fellow at the University of Vienna 1952-1953. He earned his Ph.D. at the University of Chicago in 1954, writing under the direction of Antoni Zygmund. Dan served as instructor and then assistant professor at Purdue from 1953-1959, as assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 1959-1961, and professor at Wayne State University 1961-1969. In 1960 and 1961 he was a consultant with the Martin Co., now Lockheed-Martin, on the Titan missile project and other defense related projects. He joined SU in 1969 as a professor.

Dan has written 77 papers (reviewed to date), generally in Fourier analysis and real analysis, 13 of them jointly with Casper Goffman, and had research grants from ONR 1955-1957 and NSF 1962-1970. He directed 19 Ph.D. dissertations, including the following 11 SU Ph.Ds.: Elaine Cohen (Mrs. Riesenfeld, 1974), David Engles (1974), Arthur Shindhelm (1974), Michael Schramm (1982), Lawrence D'Antonio, Jr. (1986), Pedro Isaza (1986), David Dezern (1988), Nunzio Paul Schembari (1991), Hua-Ling Xing (1993), Pamela Pierce (1994), and Franciszek Prus-Wisniowski (1995). He organized a special session on Classical Real Analysis for the April 1982 AMS meeting in Madison and edited the corresponding volume of papers (Contemporary Mathematics Series, AMS, volume 42 (1985)). Dan has served as editorial advisor to Radovi Matematicki since 1984, and he is a member of AAUP, MAA, AMS (he was a Council member-at-large 1975-1978) and Sigma Xi. He has been listed in Who's Who in Engineering for many years and in American Men and Women of Science from the 10th edition through the 20th edition in 1998-1999 (the latest edition the library system has).

He gave an invited lecture at the York Summability Conference in Toronto about 1970; at least four lectures at the Symposia in Real Analysis (1978, 1979, 1983, 1986); "My joint work with Casper Goffman" at Purdue 1979; at the Symposium in honor of L. Nachbin, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro 1982; at the Summer Symposium in Real Analysis in 1993 where he received their annual award, the "Andy"; at the Centenary Symposium of the Circolo Matematico di Palermo 1984; two at the Real Analysis Semester of the Banach Centre, Warsaw Poland 1989; and a lecture on Jurkat's work at his retirement from Ulm.

Dan was a member of the committee which drafted the Department's Constitution, served on the Executive Committee 1978-1979, 1980-1981, 1983-1985 and 1987-1988, was Graduate Committee chair 1981-1982, served on various ad hoc, promotion, tenure and reappointment committees, and was an active participant in the Visiting Lecturer program 1980-1988. He also served on the Senate Academic Affairs Committee and the subcommittee for the Afro-American Studies Program, both in 1978-1979. For two three-year terms Dan was Department Chair, from 1988-1994, and during that time about a quarter of the present faculty were hired.

Mudite and Dan were married in 1960, and they have three children: Erica, Susan and Scott. Erica is married with three children and works 24 hours a week as an emergency room pediatrician. Susan is married and is a psychiatrist for the US State Department. Scott earned a Ph.D. from Brandeis in computational linguistics and is married with 2 children. Dan retired from SU in May 1996 and Mudite and he moved to Florida a year or two later. Dan has a courtesy appointment as visiting professor at Florida Atlantic University, is now Associate Editor of the Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, and continues to publish research papers. In 1997 AMS published his book, Homeomorphisms in Analysis, written jointly with Goffman and Nishiura.

Sources: Dan's vita (undated) and emails from him.

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