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Christian D Santangelo

Christian D Santangelo

Christian D Santangelo

Professor and Director of Graduate Studies


229G Physics Building
Office: 315.443.9498


  • 2004 Ph.D. in Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • 1997 B.A. in Physics, Cornell University

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Biographic Overview

The effective properties of many physical systems are determined by their geometry. This allows us to predict and, ultimately, design new materials by controlling shape.

Research Interests

  • Extreme mechanics and nonlinear elasticity
  • Liquid crystals
  • Origami, folding, and mechanisms
  • Designing mechanical metamaterials

Self-assembly and the formation of 3D structure

Research Specializations

Soft condensed-matter theory

Materials geometry

Selected Publications

  • ME Lee-Trimble, JH Kang, RC Hayward, and C.D. Santangelo, “Robust folding of elastic origami,” Soft Matter 18, 6384 -6391 (2022).
  • Manu Mannattil, J.M. Schwarz, and C.D. Santangelo, “Thermal fluctuations of singular bar-joint mechanisms,” Phys. Rev. Lett. 128, 208005 (2022).
  • Daria W. Atkinson, C.D. Santangelo, and Gregory M. Grason, “Mechanics of metric frustration in contorted filament bundles:From local symmetry to columnar elasticity,” Phys. Rev. Lett. 127, 218002 (2021).
  • P-W Lo, C.D. Santangelo, B.G. Chen, C. Jian, K. Roychowdhury, M.J. Lawler, “Topology in non-linear mechanical systems,” Phys. Rev. Lett. 127, 076802 (2021).
  • Nakul P. Bende, Arthur A. Evans, Sarah Innes-Gold, Luis A. Marin, Itai Cohen, Ryan C. Hayward, C.D. Santangelo, “Geometrically controlled snapping transitions in shells with curved creases,” Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. 112, 11175–11180 (2015).
  • J.L. Silverberg, A. Evans, L. McLeod, R.C. Hayward, C.D. Santangelo, T. Hull, and I. Cohen, “Using origami design principles to fold reprogrammable mechanical metamaterials,” Science 345, 647–650 (2014).
  • J. Kim, J.A. Hanna, M. Byun, C.D. Santangelo, and R.C. Hayward, “Designing responsive buckled surfaces by halftone gel lithography,” Science 335, 1201-1205 (2012).
Honors and Awards

  • 2019, Fellow of the American Physical Society
  • 2016, Early career award, APS Division of soft matter
  • 2009, CAREER award, National Science Foundation
  • 2006, Glenn H. Brown Prize, International Liquid Crystal Society
2024 Wasserstrom Prize for Graduate Teaching Presented to Physics Professor Christian Santangelo

(May 2, 2024)

Award given in memory of noted professor of English William Wasserstrom.

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