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Catherine Cornwell

Catherine Cornwell

Catherine Cornwell

Associate Professor


349 Marley Educational Building
Office: 315.443.3118


  • Ph.D., MIT
  • A.B., UC Berkeley

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Research and Teaching Interests

Dr. Cornwell works in the area of the neurobiology of learning and memory. Her aims include implementing non-invasive techniques for animal and human chemical measurement. Dr. Cornwell teaches courses in developmental biopsychology, sensation and perception, and cognitive neurochemisty.

Representative Publications

Cornwell, C. A., Chang, J. W., Cole, B., Fukada, Y., Gianulli, T., Rathbone, E. A., McFarlane, H., McGaugh, J. L. (1996). DSP-4 treatment influences olfactory preferences of developing rats. Brain Research, 711, 26-33.

Cornwell-Jones, C.A., Palfai, T., Krasenbaum, D., Byer, E., Clark, R., & Kinnard, K. (1992). Housing influences exploration and social interaction of control and DSP-4-treated rats. Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior, 36, 707-711.