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Mark Brown

Mark Brown

Mark Brown

Professor Emeritus


528 Hall of Languages


Research and Teaching Interests

Mark A. Brown's principal research interests are in logic and the metaphysics of action, space and time. He has published articles on modal logic and on generalized quantifiers, co-edited a volume Deontic Logic, Agency, and Normative Systems (Springer, 1996), and is writing a graduate level text, Logic and Language. His current work uses modal logic as a tool in exploring philosophical theories of time, action, ability, and obligation.


Deontic Logic, Agency and Normative Systems (edited with José Carmo) (Springer-Verlag: 1996)

Journal Articles

  • "Obligation, Contracts, and Negotiation: Outlining an Approach", Journal of Applied Logic, 2005.
  • "Rich Deontic Logic: A Preliminary Study", Journal of Applied Logic 2 (2004) 19-37.
  • "Conditional Obligation and Positive Permission", Nordic Jouronal of Philosophical Logic 5.2 (2000).
  • "An Extended Branching-time Ockhamist Temporal Logic", with Valentin Goranko, Journal of Logic, Language and Information 8 (1999) 143-166.
  • "Doing As We Ought: Towards a Logic of Simply Dischargeable Obligations", in Brown, Mark A. and José Carmo (eds.) Deontic Logic, Agency and Normative Systems (Springer-Verlag: 1996) 47-65.
  • "A Logic of Comparative Obligation", Studia Logica 57 (1996) 117-137.
  • "'On Denoting' Updated", Acta Analytica 8 (1992) 7-32.
  • "Normal Bimodal Logics of Action and Ability", Studia Logica 51 (1992) 519-532.
  • "Questions and Quantifiers", Theoria 56 (1990) 62-84.
  • "Action and Ability", Journal of Philosophical Logic 19 (1990) 95-114.
  • "On the Logic of Ability", Journal of Philosophical Logic 17 (1988) 1-26.
  • "Generalized Quantifiers and the Square of Opposition", Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 25 (1984) 303-322.
  • "Generalized S2-Like Systems of Propositional Modal Logic", Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 23 (1982) 53-61.