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Zachary J. Braiterman

Zachary J. Braiterman

Zachary J. Braiterman



509 Hall of Languages
Office: 315.443.5719




Middle Eastern Studies


  • Ph.D., Stanford University, Department of Religious Studies (1995)
  • B.A., University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Department of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies (1988)

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Courses Taught

  • REL 135 Judaism
  • REL 435 Modern Judaic Thought
  • REL 595 Religion, Art, and Aesthetics
Research and Teaching Interests

Professor Braiterman works in the field of modern Judaism. His research and teaching explore shifting aesthetic canons as they shape Jewish thought and culture from the 17th century until the present. Research and teaching interests touch upon the impact of enlightenment, modernity, modernism, and postmodernism upon Jewish ideas about God, ritual, text-interpretation, and community life --with special emphasis on Jewish philosophy, theoretical aesthetics, and classical Jewish sources.

Dr. Braiterman's blog:

  • Director, Jewish Studies Program, Syracuse University, 2013-present
  • Full Professor, Department of Religion, Syracuse University, 2013-present
  • Associate Professor, Department of Religion, Syracuse University, 2003-present
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Religion, Syracuse University, 1997-2002
  • Adjunct Professor of Jewish Thought, Jewish Theological Seminary, 2011
  • NEH Visiting Associate Professor of the Humanities, Colgate University, spring 2010
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of History, University of Pennsylvania, Spring 2001
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Religious Studies, Rice University, 1996-1997
  • Adjunct Lecturer, The University of Judaism, 1995
  • Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Religious Studies, Santa Clara University, 1994-1995
Book Chapters
  • "After Germany: An American Jewish Philosophical Manifesto," in Hava Tirosh-Samuelson, Aaron W. Hughes (eds.), Jewish Philosophy for the Twenty-First Century: Personal Reflections. Leiden: Brill, 2014. Pp. 42-60.
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  • "Cyclical Motions and the Force of Repetition in the Thought of Franz Rosenzweig," in Beginning Again: Towards a Hermeneutic of Jewish Texts, eds. Aryeh Cohen and Shaul Magid. Seven Bridges Press, 2002.
Journal Articles
  • Out of This World: Virtual Reality and Philosophical Talmud: a Review of Sergey Dolgopolski’s The Open Past. In Marginalia: A Los Angeles Review of Books Channel (online), February 29, 2016.
  • "No Parting Ways: The Crypto-Zionism of Judith Butler," in Political Theology, (16:4), 2015. Pp. 371-377.
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    DOI: 10.1093/OBO/9780199840731-0021
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  • “Conservative Money and Jewish Studies: Investigating the Tikvah Fund” at ZeekMagazine (online); september 2011
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“Conservative Money and Jewish Studies: Investigating the Tikvah Fund” online at Zeek