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Marion E. Bickford (Pat)

Marion E. Bickford (Pat)

Marion E. Bickford (Pat)

Research Professor, Earth Sciences and Professor Emeritus


Earth and Environmental Sciences
218 Heroy Geology Laboratory


Research Interests: Past 5 Years

Paleoarchean rocks of the Minnesota River Valley terrane

Origin of “porcellanites” (silicified tuffs) in the Proterozoic of India

Provenance and tectonic setting of the Pinal schist, Proterozoic of southern Arizona

Tectonics and assembly of southern Laurentia

Selected Publications

: Last five years:

Bickford, M. E., Mueller, P. A., Condie, K. C., Hanan, B. B., and Kamenov, G. D. , 2019, Ages and Hf isotopic compositions of detrital zircons in the Pinal schist, southern Arizona, USA: Provenance, tectonic setting, and evidence for pre-1.7 Ga crust in SW Laurentia: Precambrian Research, 331

Schmitz, M. D., D.L. Southwick, D. L., Bickford, M. E.,, and Samson, S. D., 2018, Neoarchean and Paleoproterozoic events in the Minnesota River Valley Subprovince, with implications for southern Superior Craton Evolution and Correlation: Precambrian Research 316, p. 206-226.

Mishra, Meenal, Bickford, M. E., and Abhijit Basu, 2018, U-Pb age and chemical composition of an ash bed in the Chopan Porcellanite Formation, Vindhyan Supergroup, India: Journal of Geology, in press.

Bickford, M. E., Satkoski, A. M., Samson, S. D., Wooden, J. L., Bauer, R. L., Schmitz, M. D., Mueller, P. A., and Kamenov, G. D., 2017, Paleoarchaean Gneisses in the Minnesota River Valley and Northern Michigan, USA, in Earth’s Oldest Rocks, second edition, (Ed. M.J. van Kranendonk, V.C. Bennett, J.E. Hoffmann), Elsevier Publishers, September 2018, ISBN: 9780444639011, p. 731-750. (invited)

Bickford, M. E., Mishra, M., Mueller, P. A., , Kamenov, G. D., Schieber, J., and Basu, Abhijit, 2017, U-Pb age and Hf-isotopic compositions of magmatic zircons from a rhyolite flow in the Porcellanite Formation in the Vindhyan Supergroup, Son valley (India): Implications for its tectonic significance: Journal of Geology , v. 125, p 367-379.

Chiarenzelli, J, Selleck, B., Lupulescu, M., Regan, S., Bickford, M.E., Valley, P., McLelland, J., 2017, Lyon Mountain Ferroan Leucogranite Suite: Response to Collision, Thickened Crust, and Extension in the Core of the Grenville Orogen: Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 129, p. 1472-1488.

Basu, A., Bickford, M. E. and Deasy, R. (2016) Inferring tectonic provenance of siliciclastic rocks from their chemical compositions: A dissent. Sedimentary Geology, v. 336, pp. 26-35.

Basu, Abhijit, and Bickford, M. E., 2015, An Alternate Perspective on the Opening and Closing of the Intracratonic Purana Basins in Peninsular India: Journal of the Geological Society of India, v. 85, p. 5-25.

Bickford, M. E., Van Schmus, W. R., Karlstrom, K. E., Mueller, P.A., and Kamenov, G. D., 2015, Mesoproterozoic-trans-Laurentian magmatism: A synthesis of continent-wide age distributions, new SIMS U-Pb ages, zircon saturation temperatures, and Hf and Nd isotopic compositions: Precambrian Research, v. 265, p. 286-312.

Bickford, M. E., Basu, Abhijit, Kamenov, G. D., Mueller, P. A., Patranabis-Deb, S., and Mukherjee, A., 2014, Petrogenesis of 1000 Ma Felsic Tuffs, Chhattisgarh and Indravati Basins, Bastar Craton, India: Geochemical and Hf Isotope Constraints: Journal of Geology, v. 122, p. 43-54.