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Computer Services Group

Please see our FAQ. The best way to contact us is by emailing

We are open during normal university business hours

Who we support: Full- and part-time faculty and staff within the College of Arts and Sciences

Research support: For support with research, see Research Computing or email

Computer and electronics disposal: All computing equipment that has any type of data storage (hard drive, flash memory, etc.) must have that data removed before disposal. Please contact us for any computer disposal requests. See Data Removal from Computers and Portable Electronic Devices for more information.

Cell phone policy: Mobile Device Acceptable Use Policy

Computer replacement program: Tenured, tenure track or Assistant Teaching Professors, as well as full-time staff, are eligible for a new computer every 4 years. Full-time non-permanent employees are eligible for a used desktop computer.

Excel Training and Certification Program: All Arts and Sciences students are eligible to participate.  The program consists of training modules, practice tests and finally a certification exam.  Full details can be found at the Maxwell Testing Center.

jeff-pitt-portrait-original.jpg Jeff Pitt Director A&S ITS 315.443.9549
lisa-hanley-portrait-original.jpg Lisa Hanley Assistant Director of IT Operations A&S ITS 315.443.3739
brian-calhoun-bryant-portrait-original.jpg Brian Calhoun-Bryant Macintosh Support Specialist A&S ITS 315.443.1296
jonathan-cheney-portrait-original-0464.jpg Jon Cheney Windows and Research Server Support A&S ITS 315.530.5416
luke-connelly-portrait-original.jpg Luke Connelly Windows Support Specialist A&S ITS 315.532.3319
lisa-rosbrook-portrait-hires.jpg Lisa Rosbrook Macintosh Management Engineer A&S ITS 315.406.9522
dennis-wenthen-portrait-original.jpg Dennis Wenthen Windows Desktop and Server Support Specialist A&S ITS 315.443.3082