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Arts and Sciences | Maxwell Announce 2022 Emeriti Faculty

The College of Arts and Sciences (A&S) | Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs honor 13 faculty members for their dedication and commitment to academic excellence at Syracuse University.

May 24, 2022, by A&S News Staff

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The following faculty in A&S | Maxwell have recently been recognized with emeritus status. This honor is conferred upon retirement from the University, based on an established nomination and recommendation process involving the individual’s school or college and eventual endorsement by the Vice Chancellor and Provost, Senate and Board of Trustees. Emeritus and emerita faculty members are considered continuing members of the University community and typically have many years of distinguished service to the University.

A&S | Maxwell applauds these faculty members’ dedication to teaching, mentoring and the advancement of scholarship in their fields.

  • Frederick Beiser, Philosophy
  • Leonard Burman, Public Administration and International Affairs
  • Linda Carty, African American Studies
  • Cecilia Green, Sociology
  • Philip Griffin, Mathematics
  • Margaret Hermann, Political Science
  • Rebecca Howard, Writing Studies, Rhetoric and Composition
  • Jeffrey Karson, Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Mary Lovely, Economics
  • Terrell Northrup, International Relations
  • Evgeny Poletsky, Mathematics
  • Douglas Wolf, Public Administration and International Affairs
  • John Yinger, Public Administration and International Affairs

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