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Black & Banned!

Students, Faculty gather at Bird Library to read aloud from banned and challenged books. (VIDEO)

Sept. 29, 2016, by Amy Manley


Joan Bryant, associate professor of African American studies, points to a simple alphabet book.

"It’s a children's book written in Swahili. It was banned because it was, at the time, thought to be dismissive of American culture," she explains. "When you see the list of books that have been challenged or banned, and the reasons, it's curious to say the least."

The campus community came together this week to read aloud from a selection of iconic books that have been challenged or banned throughout the years as part of the 5th annual "Black and Banned" read-in at Bird Library at Syracuse University.

Bryant, who helped organize the event, says that its important to present these books, especially from African American authors whose work was often marginalized and challenged because the content was considered offensive, controversial or racially charged.

Watch below for highlights of this year’s read-in event.

For a list of the most challenged and banned books of 2015, go to:

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