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Alumnus Credits Success to Inspiration, Elbow Grease

Aaron Krause '92, says his liberal arts degree has sharpened his business acumen

Sept. 20, 2016, by Amy Manley

Aaron Krause
Aaron Krause

You may know inventor Aaron Krause ’92 from ABC’s hit TV show “Shark Tank." The Pennsylvania native transformed years of development and inspiration into what is now becoming a household name—the Scrub Daddy.

Today, Krause is the president and CEO of a growing Scrub Daddy universe. The brightly colored, smiling sponge is the most successful product Shark Tank has ever seen to date; selling millions across the country on QVC and in high end retailers such as Bed, Bath and Beyond. He also currently holds over 10 patents and continues to add new products to his Scrub Daddy line.

Krause, who earned his degree in Psychology at Syracuse University, returned to campus last week for Orange Central 2016, where he spent time talking to students about how he leverages his strong liberal arts background to clean up the competition.

In addition, Krause was a featured judge for this year’s Orange Tank event where current students and alumni entrepreneurs from the Whitman School of Management pitch their business ideas in a Shark Tank-style competition with the chance to win cash prizes.

The Communications Team in the College of Arts & Sciences caught up with Aaron Krause during his homecoming visit to Syracuse and asked what advice he may have for today’s students.

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