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Investing in His Future

Persistence and priorities are the keys to success for economics student Anthony Rumi '17

April 11, 2016, by Nicholas P Hennion

Anthony Rumi '17
Anthony Rumi '17

When Anthony Rumi '17 arrived at Syracuse, he knew what he wanted out of the next four years. An economics major in the College of Arts and Sciences and the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, the Maryland native wanted to develop skills that would lead to a job at a top-tier investment firm. That Rumi has worked as a bankteller, no doubt, has groomed him for the experience, which largely has been a lesson in time-management.

During his spare time, Rumi enjoys volunteering at the Syracuse Northeast Community Center, and participating in the activities of the Economic Student Association. Rumi’s experience illustrates his day-to-day philosophy: “If you don't go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always 'no.' And if you don't step forward, you’re always in the same place." Rumi, who hopes to incorporate a Policy Studies minor into his degree, was able to share some insights into his Syracuse experience with us.

Why did you choose Syracuse University?

Living all my life in Maryland and knowing the same people and places, I knew I needed to change things and get to know new people and expand my network. I needed to step outside my comfort zone and dive into a place where I knew nobody, so I could grow as a person. I had a close friend who attended Syracuse, and he told me SU was a place where I could reach my goals, and enter the world of finance. Upon further research it was true, seeing as SU has a vast alumni network who are eager to help fellow students. Along with the amazing buildings, it was an easy choice to come to Syracuse University.

What’s your favorite thing about attending Syracuse University?

The amount of support from faculty members and alumni is definitely one of my favorite things. They sincerely care about where you end up after graduation, whether it be to reach your goal of a job or going back to school for your masters. There are so many people that can help with things such as: career services, professors, or even your friends.

Is there a member of the faculty that has had a significant influence on your academic trajectory?

Coming to Syracuse I already knew I wanted to study Economics, but a member of the faculty that I hold dear to my heart is Susan Casson, the director of Career Services. She not only helped me grow as a person, but helped me realize my true potential.

What’s the best way to spend free time as an SU student?

Aside from getting your day-to-day responsibilities taken care of, I think it's important to have fun as well. The best way to spend your free time is to spend time with your friends and have fun.

How is SU helping you to achieve your goals and aspirations?

Syracuse University has so many tools and resources that can help everybody reach their goals. If you like to travel, SU has a great study abroad program. If you like to volunteer, SU has many philanthropy events where you can dedicate your time to volunteer. Finally, SU has many events and resources that can help you find your dream jobs. SU holds several networking events with employers in a wide range of fields that can help you to land that internship or dream job you always wanted.

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