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Living The Dream

For Nedda Sarshar '17, being an Arts and Sciences student is 'too good to be true'

Sept. 17, 2014, by Christina Tiberio

Nedda Sarshar '17
Nedda Sarshar '17

As her thick black hair bounces with her every word, it is evident that Nedda Sarshar ‘17 is not only personable, but also is genuinely interested in other people’s well-being. She is a fierce advocate for better education and has big plans ahead of her.  

The Toronto native didn’t originally plan to enroll at Syracuse. It was during a road trip to New York City that she took a brief detour through campus and was immediately hooked.  

“I took one look at the Hall of Languages and thought to myself, ‘THAT would be a cool place to learn,’” says the Arts and Sciences sophomore.  

A dual major in English and in Citizenship and Civic Engagement (the latter of which is a new undergraduate major offered by the Maxwell School), Sarshar can’t imagine being anywhere else. 

“Sometimes it feels like it’s too good to be true and that I am in a never-ending dreamland,” she says regarding Syracuse. “If that’s the case, I hope I never wake up--or graduate!”

Sarshar in London
Sarshar in London

What perpetuates this dream is the presence of many on-campus opportunities—ideal for personal and professional growth, Sarshar says. She is particularly proud of her role as vice president of Syracuse’s Undergraduates for Better Education (UBE), a student-run group that meets with University officials to help improve the undergraduate experience. 

“Volunteering with UBE is a stepping-stone to my long-time goal of advancing education for future generations,” she says. 

A member of The Renée Crown University Honors Program, Sarshar is required to fulfill 50 hours of community service over three or more semesters. As such, she regularly volunteers at the Mary Anne Shaw Center for Public & Community Service, tutoring students in the Syracuse City School District. 

Sarshar also serves as the civic engagement director of Syracuse’s Residence Hall Association, a contributing writer for the LGBTQ magazineThe Outcrowd, and an intern in the College’s advancement office.   

After graduation, Sarshar plans to earn an M.F.A. in creative writing and then work for an urban literacy organization. 

Until then, Sarshar plans to revel in a dream from which she hopes to never wake up: being in the College of Arts and Sciences.

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