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Miani Giron ’16 'ain't afraid of no ghost'

Oct. 31, 2014, by Christina Tiberio

Miani Giron '16
Miani Giron '16

During the spring semester of 2014, students were busy prepping for the summer and graduation; working diligently to meet their professors’ expectations before jumping into a relaxing summer. With Miani Giron’s spring internship, the patrons were not as demanding as professors’ final papers and tests, for Giron’s patrons were no longer among the living.

Giron found her unusual internship at a local Syracuse medical examiner’s office incredibly rewarding, noting that achieving an internship at a medical examiner’s office is difficult and highly competitive. “[Applicants] are competing against college graduates who are trying to get experience before going into a forensic science job. They’re also competing against med students who also need the experience.” Having been in her sophomore year when she started, Giron further impressed her supervisors with her stellar grades, ambition, and personality.

The Los Angeles native is currently studying in the College of Arts and Sciences with a dual major in biology and women's and gender studies. Giron has persevered to get where she is today. As a Posse Los Angeles 1 Scholar, Giron has a full-tuition scholarship. Giron has recently received a $20,000 scholarship from the Horatio Alger Association and helped found the Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority Incorporated, Zeta Epsilon Chapter. In addition, Giron is a one of the College’s Dean’s Team member and a part of the Syracuse chapter of the Phi Delta Epsilon International Medical Fraternity, through which she regularly volunteers with at Red Cross and at Upstate University Hospital.


When she discovers she has a few precious moments to herself, Giron can be found either pushing through a challenging workout at Archbold Gym or in the pool swimming laps. Giron also actively participates in the many events available any day of the week. She shares, “There is always something to do on campus and it usually involves free food.” The restaurants at Armory Square are also a favorite for Giron, along with visits to the Museum of Science and Technology (MOST).

By far, Giron believes that the greatest assets as a Syracuse student are the people she meets and the organizations she is able to lend her energy to, stating, “I am presented with amazing faculty members who are committed to my success, outstanding organizations that present leadership opportunities for me and support in my future career endeavors.” Giron points to Professor Vivian May as a mentor, inspiring her to pursue women and gender’s studies as a second major as she investigates the necessity of feminist activism within a cultural context.

Although Giron is diligent in developing a path towards her future, she loves the present. “When it comes to life decisions, choosing to attend Syracuse University, out of all the other schools in the world, has been my best decision thus far. I have no regrets and am excited for the next two years.” Surely, after the summer spent with the medical examiner’s office, it will take more than a Halloween goblin to break her composure as she continues striving for her degree as a prime example of scholarship and commitment to community.

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