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No Need to Pardon Her French

A lover of linguistic arts and the great outdoors, grad student Elizabeth Blowers shines in and outside the classroom

Sept. 23, 2014, by Christina Tiberio

Elizabeth Blowers
Elizabeth Blowers

Being a graduate student is a challenge in itself, but being a graduate student at Syracuse University while also a member of the Reserve Officer’s Training Corps (ROTC) is anything but easy. However, graduate student Elizabeth Blowers, who is pursuing a master’s degree in French literature is seamlessly navigating the challenging academic landscape with the poise of any seasoned cadet.

Originally from Pepperell, Massachusetts, Blowers left her home state and completed her undergraduate studies at Saint John Fisher College in Rochester, New York. There, Blowers studied French and adolescent education and also earned her New York State Teaching License.

With a desire to teach and see the world, Blowers traveled to Europe after graduation and found herself a “home away from home.” Blowers lived in Strasbourg, France and taught English for nine months at a local high school. Once she tasted the joys of teaching, Blowers decided that it was her true career path. To achieve this goal, Blowers has turned to Syracuse’s College of Arts and Sciences. Blowers is currently flexing her teaching muscle by being teacher’s assistant for French 102. At the College of Arts and Sciences, Blowers has not only received a great education, but found a home. “Everyone is very warm, welcoming, and close. They have truly made me feel like a member of the family!”

Blowers on a hike
Blowers on a hike

Blowers’ end goal is to be a university professor or a high school teacher, but first there are a few things that she wants to check off her bucket list. After graduating from Syracuse, Blowers hopes to become a Second Lieutenant in Military Intelligence. After completing her deployment, Blowers wants to earn a Ph. D. in French literature or education.

In her free time, Blowers does not mind trading her passion for language for a little mud. As an undergraduate, Blowers was a member of the women’s rugby team. Now, long hikes and running 5Ks fulfill Blower’s physical cravings. Currently, Blowers has a 5K planned twice a month for the next two months. Races also allow Blowers to volunteer and give back to the local community, especially to the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization she holds near to her heart.

Syracuse has tested Blowers’ mental and physical comfort levels. She says the College of Arts and Sciences has helped mold her future. “I am challenged every day physically, mentally, and professionally to exceed my limitations and better myself. I am confident that I will leave Syracuse University with a hard-earned master’s degree, unrelenting professionalism, and mental agility that will make me stand out against other candidates for future jobs.”

When Blowers is facing an uphill battle in the classroom or in the woods, she reflects on the quote, “You are only confined by the walls that you build yourself.” For Blowers, it seems that she has torn down all of her walls, and is ready to conquer more.

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