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Student Spotlight: Christina Tiberio '16

From Seattle Sweetheart to Syracuse Sweetheart

Sept. 17, 2014, by Nedda Sarshar

Christina Tiberio '16
Christina Tiberio '16

Christina Tiberio ‘16, a Seattle native is majoring in English and Textual Studies and minoring in Italian. Though she’s a long way from home, she is determined to make the most of her time at Syracuse University. A member of the the College of Arts and Sciences’ Dean’s Team, an assistant editor of the on-campus magazine What The Health, and a writing intern for the a TV/social media start-up MyTeeVee are just a handful of Christina’s many extra-curricular activities

A transfer student from Seattle University, Christina reveals that her time in Syracuse has allowed her to feel more challenged and has been a nice escape from the West Coast. She enjoys spending time at the New York State Fair, taking in all the animals and the fried foods, which she describes as “heart-attack good”.   

Her hopes of working in public relations or magazine journalism seem more and more possible everyday that she spends in Syracuse. She is focused on gaining relevant work experience that will enhance her writing and work skills.  Christina’s sense of adventure and go-getter personality have allowed her to find a place in the College of Arts and Sciences and she continues to prosper in her environment every day.

1. Why did you choose Syracuse University?

Syracuse is such a well-known and challenging school that I thought it would be a great place to not only learn, but prepare me for a successful career. Also, it is on the mysterious East Coast! I had never been to the East Coast before and thought that I needed to go outside of my comfort zone and try living somewhere new. Good thing my favorite color is orange!

Tiberio showing her school spirit
Tiberio showing her school spirit

2. What’s your favorite thing about attending Syracuse University?

The opportunities and how the school system is organized. As a transfer student, I worry about graduating on time. With how Syracuse is organized, not only will I graduate on time, I also have wiggle room to try new classes and explore academic opportunities I otherwise wouldn’t have considered. Syracuse has a lot of GREAT opportunities! Everyone can find a club, on-campus magazine, or internship that would interest them. Coming from another university, Syracuse has given me a lot more opportunity to succeed in the “real world” than most schools. 

3. What’s the best way to spend free time as a Syracuse University student?

When you’re not wedged between classes and studying, I think the best thing to do is explore the Syracuse area and join on-campus groups. On-campus groups sharpen your skills and instills a confidence within you. Not only that, but you meet people that are interested in the same things as you; it is a quick and easy way to make friends. Every student should go into the city of Syracuse at least once per semester. It has so much to offer! With art exhibits, movies, and restaurants, it is a great way to understand the city outside of the traditional student environment.  

4. How is Syracuse University helping you to achieve your goals and aspirations?

Syracuse has instilled some much-needed confidence in me. With all of the opportunities available on-campus I feel like I have bettered my skills while also enjoying myself. Additionally, a lot of class projects and fun on-campus organizations have set me up with a portfolio for my future. This way I won’t go into an internship or job interview empty handed! With all of the classes I can take in the College of Arts and Sciences, I have really been able to narrow down my focus of what I want to do when I graduate.

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