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Andrea Mencía ’14 Returns from Winston Fisher Seminar Prepared for Life after College

Says business plan competition challenged her like never before

April 1, 2014, by Sarah Scalese

Andrea Mencía ’14
Andrea Mencía ’14

Andrea Mencía ’14, who’s pursuing a double major in international relations and public relations recently returned from the ninth annual Winston Fisher Seminar, presented by The College of Arts and Sciences.  She was one of 13 students who participated in the weeklong seminar. She says she discovered an entirely different breadth of professional opportunities in this seminar

1.)    Why did you apply to participate in the Winston Fisher Seminar?

One of my biggest regrets in college used to be not pursuing a second major from SU’s business school, Whitman. This changed after I participated in the Winston Fisher Seminar. I know that I want to pursue an MBA a few years after obtaining my Bachelor’s degree to open my own business. I immediately saw a relevant learning opportunity when I read the description to this prestigious seminar. I was curious as to how successful business people had gotten so far without a business degree.

2.)    What was the most rewarding part about participating in the Winston Fisher Seminar?

The overall experience was extremely fulfilling, inspirational, and educational. Nonetheless, I would have to say that the creation and presentation of an original, individual business plan was the most rewarding. Given my introverted personality and lack of expertise of the business world, this assignment challenged me like no other. Presenting in front of a panel of expert judges with established business careers in New York City was intimidating, to say the least. I did it and I survived! It was refreshing to see that they were friendly, approachable and filled with questions.

3.)    What one or two things did you learn that you think will most positively impact your academic career and post-collegiate career?

I discovered an entirely different breadth of professional opportunities in this seminar. The Winston Fisher Seminar made us feel as if we are capable of anything and everything. It is all about preparedness and confidence: If you believe in yourself, people will too! The experience was not only professionally enriching but personally enhancing. It taught us how to carry ourselves as positive, professional, and curious individuals who are ready to take on any challenge. 

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