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Arts and Sciences Alumna Charts Impressive Path

Dr. Alicia Carroll Credits Well-Rounded Education for Career Success

June 26, 2014, by Laura Bulman

Dr. Alicia Carroll '88
Dr. Alicia Carroll '88

Dr. Alicia Carroll ’88 is best known as the owner of a successful ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery center in North Carolina and as a stand out in this extremely competitive field (ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery is a subspecialty that trains only 12 fellows per year). But before she was a leader in the medical world, Carroll was known around Syracuse University’s campus for her exceptional academic achievements. The first member of her family to attend college, Carroll excelled, receiving the prestigious award of Class Marshal. SU’s College of Arts and Sciences’ Class Marshals are chosen on the basis of academic achievement, service to The College, leadership, and loyalty to the college and campus. It is exactly those aspects of her time at SU that Carroll attributes to her professional success. “The College of Arts and Sciences positively impacted my life’s trajectory. The faculty and advisors guided me and helped me become a well-rounded medical school applicant by blending my biology major with a diverse liberal arts curriculum. To my surprise, the latter proved to be of greater interest to medical school interviewers.”

Carroll continued to receive recognition from Syracuse University long after she graduated. In 2006, she was among a handful of alumni to receive the prestigious Chancellor’s Citation. The Chancellor's Citation is awarded to alumni ages 40 or younger, who have distinguished themselves in the area of civic service or various professional fields.

Throughout her career, Carroll has helped scientists and medical professionals expand their knowledge of the human eye and its health. Carroll’s interest and aptitude for medical research began as an undergraduate at The College. “The College of Arts and Sciences helped me to explore scientific research experiences. One of my biology professors even took the time to teach me additional lab techniques.” Thanks to the extra time and attention given by her professors, Carroll became a college work-study student in a laboratory at SUNY-Health Science Center at Syracuse. This exposed her to even more advisors in the form of medical school professors and medical students who gave her critical advice for applying to medical school and starting her career. “It was my direct networking with medical students during my undergraduate years that prepared me for the medical school application process and exposed me to the many different career choices and subspecialties that piqued my interest. Without having been exposed to these mentors, I may never have considered what turned out to be the perfect career choice for me.” 

Carroll continues to put her SU degree to good use. In 2005, she opened the Alicia M. Carroll, MD Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Center, PLLC in Hickory, North Carolina. Her work there continues to reflect the ideals that she displayed as an undergraduate – hard work, leadership, service, and loyalty. Carroll is now actively giving back to The College of Arts and Sciences community as a newly appointed member of the Board of Visitors. She joins an impressive list of successful alumni who generously commit their time and energy to making SU’s College of Arts and Sciences an elite liberal arts institution. 

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