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2011 Dulye Leadership Experience prepares students to get that dream job

Program fosters leadership training, career development

Nov. 24, 2010, by Rob Enslin

What do Fox News, JPMorgan Chase, General Electric, Raytheon and the Peace Corps have in common?

They’ve all hired graduates of the Dulye Leadership Experience, a unique leadership training and career development program developed exclusively for Syracuse University juniors and seniors.

Currently accepting applications for scholarships for 2011, the Dulye Leadership Experience offers no-nonsense, winning strategies to help students stand out from the crowd and get that dream job. Led by a faculty of business executives and entrepreneurs from an array of industries, this three-day seminar helps students confidently face the tough job market and carve a career through new knowledge, networks and hands-on learning experiences.

Now in its fourth year, the Dulye Leadership Experience was triggered by the dream of SU alumna Linda M. Dulye (above) to help undergraduates confidently make the leap from college to the workplace.  “I want to provide a roadmap for personal and professional development that helps students realize the applicability of their skills, experience and knowledge in today’s workplace,” says Dulye, an entrepreneur and internationally recognized expert in change management and employee engagement.

Dulye says that many students narrow their job pursuits due to the nature of their major. “The goal of the Dulye Leadership Experience is to broaden their view, as well as their confidence in carving a career path,” she says.

That goal is validated by the success stories of graduates. “The Dulye Leadership Experience gave me the skills I needed to successfully compete in an uncertain job market. I am grateful for what I’ve learned because now I can approach recruiters with confidence,” says 2010 program participant Rico Setyo, who recently completed a round of interviews with several Fortune 500 companies.

Dulye founded the program in 2008 with the support of The College of Arts and Sciences. The 2011 program will be held April 1-3, 2011, in the Berkshires in western Massachusetts. Thirteen students from diverse majors will be selected to receive full scholarships to the program. Juniors and seniors are eligible to apply, and selection is based on academic, work and community/volunteer experience.

At the heart of the program is one-on-one instruction, networking and discussions with corporate executives and business owners in successful, practical techniques for landing a job, carving a career and getting ahead in today’s workplace. Sessions address resume and job interview techniques, communicating for success on the job, carving a successful career path, personal and business finance, finding a mentor and honing one’s entrepreneurial spirit.

“The Dulye Leadership Experience will help students grasp the realities of the workplace, and will help them navigate the cultural, operational and political dynamics of the business world,” says Dulye, a sought-after public speaker and former communications leader for GE and Allied Signal.

The impact of the program has been powerful for participants. “The Dulye Leadership Experience introduced me to a network of professionals who not only opened doors for me, but also served as invaluable mentors,” says senior Danielle Waugh, who participated in the 2010 program. Waugh credits them for her current success as a reporter for ABC News on Campus. “I can’t imagine going into the job hunt blindly. The Dulye Leadership Experience gave me critical insight into the process of applying for jobs and into the long-term vision of my career,” says Waugh, a history and broadcast journalism dual major.

Interested juniors and seniors can access an online Dulye Leadership Experience application by clicking here. The application deadline is Dec. 31.

Dulye is president and founder of Dulye & Co., an internationally recognized change management consultancy specializing in disciplined, process improvement practices that drive business performance and a Spectator-Free Workplace™ at world-class companies like Lockheed Martin, Tyco, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Bobcat and Rolls Royce. Dulye founded the company in 1998 with a firm belief in keeping things practical and purposeful—a commitment that has achieved benchmarked programs in leadership communications, manager development and accountability, and employee involvement, plus numerous industry awards.

For more information about the Dulye Leadership Experience, contact Lisa Balogh at (315) 443-2212. More information about Dulye and her company is available at

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