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Hall of Languages' Sesquicentennial Scrapbook

Hall of Languages at night.

Happy Birthday to Me

You might be getting ready to celebrate Commencement, but you should also be celebrating campus's one and only 150-year-old grandfluencer, moi. I was formally introduced to the world at my dedication on May 8, 1873, and have been a VIP in students' lives ever since. Enjoy this scrapbook of highlights from my life*!

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Hall of Languages Construction photo with Frame

Hello, world! Here I am, a brand-new baby building in 1873. See how I only have the two towers? My middle one didn't come in till 1886.

SU Campus 1889 with border.

Finally! After 14 years as an only child, I get some siblings. First, Holden, who you can't see in this photo, then Tolley and Crouse. We all have our own distinct looks and personalities, but our family ties are strong (and orange!).

Students at a pep rally driving in car.

I had to plug my ears that day, when boisterous students led a lively pep rally in 1958!

Graduating Students Hall of Languages with border

My favorite birthday gift every year. Chatting with graduates, hearing their plans, and giving them a bit of advice before they leave the nest: "Come back and visit me often! Bring your families, too. I'll always be happy to see you!"

*We hope you enjoyed this humorous celebration of the Grande Dame of campus, our iconic Hall of Languages! If you're looking for more history, you can check the A&S commemorative magazine and timeline.

Archival photos courtesy of the Special Collections Research Center.