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Effie Gianitsos

Effie Gianitsos

Effie Gianitsos

Graduate Student


018 HB Crouse Hall

  • Degree: Began MA program in 2018
  • Concentration: British Literature (Romantic)
  • Advisor: Harvey Teres

My interests include Romanticism's philosophical and spiritual dialogue with the earlier Enlightenment ideologies. I see the Romantic period as a creative burst of spiritual revival and expression. Due to my background in religious studies, I am particularly interested in William Blake and his modern approach to mystical writing. Beyond Blake, I am also interested in the intersection of materialism and spirituality and how Romantic writers elevate ordinary objects, both natural and man-made, to an ideal of sacredness and sanctity.

  • B.A. English & Religious and Theological Studies, Salve Regina University