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Elena Selthun

Elena Selthun

Elena Selthun

Graduate Student


400 Hall of Languages

  • Degree: Began PhD program in 2022
  • Concentration: British Literature (19th Century)
  • Advisor: Chris Forster

Elena Selthun (they/she) is a Ph.D. student whose research focuses on subversive Victorian and contemporary expressions of queerness in literature, particularly queer monstrosity and haunting. They study how these stories create queer catharsis and challenge dominant narratives about love, happiness, and morality. In addition, she is interested in the intersections of ecocriticism with gender, sexuality, and empire in the 19th century and the present.


  • B.A. English, Seattle University (2021)
  • B.A. Humanities, Seattle University (2021)
  • Minor in Writing Studies, Seattle University (2021)