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Aman Kaur Virk

Aman Kaur Virk

Aman Kaur Virk

PhD Student and Teaching Associate English



Office: 315.443.2173

Biographic Overview

Degree: Began PhD program in 2023
Concentration: Anti-colonial Studies, Indigenous literatures, Cultural studies, Gender and Sexuality
Advisor: Advisor: Antonio Tiongson

Aman Kaur Virk is a PhD student interested in delineating the synergies between entangled narratives of colonial violence, heteropatriarchy, and structural racism in the settler colonial formations of Canada and the US. Her proposed doctoral research will explore recent Black, Indigenous, and diasporic speculative fiction written on Turtle Island as a response to the growing foreclosure of liberatory possibilities amidst the current "culture of cynicism" (Giroux), reading it in comparative analysis with feminist, abolitionist, decolonial, and critical solidarities theory.

As a settler scholar on Turtle Island from the occupied land of Punjab, her research interests oscillate between studying abolition and anti-colonialism in multiple contexts, and she hopes to combine these to help develop global frameworks for liberation in future work.

  • B.A. English Literature and Rhetoric Studies, University of Waterloo
  • M.A. English and Writing Studies, Western University
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