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Minor in Mathematics

Minor in Mathematics complements a wide variety of majors in which students can benefit from stronger quantitative skills. Students who have completed the calculus sequence MAT 295-296-397 with good grades are already halfway toward this minor, and are encouraged to complete it.  The advisor for Mathematics Minor is Professor Leonid Kovalev.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to declare a minor in Mathematics?

Download the PDF form from the Office of the Registrar and send it to Prof. Leonid Kovalev. The Minor Code is MAT10MIN.

I took MAT 485 instead of MAT 331. How does this change my options for the minor?

You cannot use the Differential Equations sequence. But if you wish to take MAT 517 Partial Differential Equations, you can do that as a part of the Applied Mathematics sequence. You can also complete any of the other sequences listed in the catalog.

How to choose a two-course sequence for the minor?

First check whether you have the necessary prerequisites. The Algebra and Geometry sequences include MAT 531, for which MAT 375 is a prerequisite. Other sequences can be completed without MAT 375. Also consider the course availability: not every course is offered every semester. Finally, compare the catalog descriptions of the courses and refer to their syllabi for more information, such as the textbooks used.