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Minor in English and Textual Studies

Minoring in English and Textual Studies has helped me grow as a writer tremendously and I'm grateful to be able to apply the skills I've learned when it comes to writing papers for other courses.

Julia Desch, ETS Minor, Class of ‘22

The minor in English and Textual Studies (ETS) is a great option for students seeking a background in the interpretation of fiction and non-fiction works, as well as a myriad of textual mediums not traditionally considered as part of English study, such as film and television, graphic novels, video games, and much more. Our English minors add our curriculum to majors across the College of Arts and Sciences, as well as the School of Education, Visual and Performing Arts, and Newhouse School of Public Communications. Students who earn an English minor strengthen their work in their major disciplines by further developing their critical reading and writing skills. Additionally, an ETS minor offers undergraduates invaluable knowledge of and appreciation for a diversity of texts and mediums from around the globe.