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Ph.D. in College Science Teaching

General Information

The doctoral degree program in college science teaching serves those who aspire to teach STEM content courses (biology, chemistry, Earth sciences, physics, engineering and/or mathematics) at the collegiate level and who desire to conduct discipline-based STEM education research focused on teaching and learning in undergraduate and graduate environments. The doctoral program centers on deepening student’s STEM content-area knowledge, as well as their understanding of evidence-based STEM teaching and learning in collegiate classrooms. The program is specifically designed for individuals who are interested in teaching STEM content courses in two-year colleges, small liberal arts colleges, or at larger teaching-oriented undergraduate colleges and universities. The doctoral program offers:

  1. broad training concentrated within one or more of the core STEM content areas;
  2. a combination of breadth, specialization and integration across the various STEM disciplines;
  3. supervised undergraduate teaching experience in the candidate’s STEM content specialty area, either at Syracuse University or at another college or university in the Syracuse vicinity;
  4. specialized STEM education coursework and seminars focused on university teaching, the history and philosophy of science, STEM policy and discipline-based STEM education research; and
  5. dissertation research investigations focused on topics related to STEM teaching and learning in undergraduate and graduate settings.


All applicants must meet the requirements for admission into the Graduate School at Syracuse University. The candidate for the Ph.D. in college science teaching must hold a bachelor’s degree in a relevant STEM major (biology, chemistry, Earth sciences, physics and/or engineering) or science education. Students with master’s degrees in these same fields are also eligible to apply.

Applicants who hold only a bachelor’s degree are strongly encouraged to first apply to the M.S. in general science program at Syracuse University to complete the STEM content course requirements. Upon completion of the master’s degree, students may apply to transition into the Ph.D. in college science teaching program. Credit hours earned in the M.S. in general science degree program may be counted toward completion of the Ph.D. in college science teaching degree.


Students who are interested in applying for admission are strongly encouraged to schedule a campus visit or video conference to meet with program faculty about their specific STEM teaching and research interests. Applicants are required to complete the graduate program application available through the Syracuse University Graduate School.

Applicants must submit GRE General Exam scores and international applicants must also submit TOEFL scores for consideration. For doctoral applicants, a scholarly writing sample is also requested as part of the application package.