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Biology Professor Jason R. Wiles Quoted by Inside Climate News

Jason giving public address

Posted on: Aug. 2, 2023

Jason R. Wiles, associate professor of biology, was interviewed for an Inside Climate News article titled, "Mike Huckabee’s 'Kids Guide to the Truth About Climate Change' Shows the Changing Landscape of Climate Denial." The story explores a recent climate misinformation trend where learning guides targeted toward children and families deliver a message that acknowledges global warming, but minimizes the influence of human emissions.

“What science is presented is cherry-picked and used to cast doubt on what is actually a very robust and well-evidenced scientific consensus,” Wiles said in the article. “Apart from its being very misleading, my main concern is that it fosters complacency by promoting the notion that climate change is not as dire a problem as it truly is.”

The story also appeared in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.