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Graduate Program

The M.A. in Pan African Studies examines the neglected and unexplored parts of the African experience, moving the academic conversation beyond the history and legacy of enslavement. Although that work is important, there is more that can be studied. In this program, students examine the multiplicities of the Pan African experience as expressed through history, society and politics. The program's geographical expertise centers around Africa, the Caribbean and the United States.

The M.A. in Pan African Studies is noted for its unique residency component. Students are required to do a residency via Syracuse Abroad with programs like Paris Noir and Politics in Brazil or through a field site with one of the department's many institutional partners. Residencies provide students with another type of educational experience integrating theory and practice as they learn and lead in a new context. Experiential learning with and through an external site gives students the opportunity to enhance their research, theory and methods as well as gain valuable experiences for academia, NGOs, government industry or a variety of other post-graduate experiences.

M.A. in Pan African Studies

The M.A. degree in Pan African Studies is a 30-credit program offering students a comprehensive understanding of the global African experience.