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A&S | Maxwell Student Ambassadors

The A&S | Maxwell Student Ambassadors are a select group of students who represent the College of Arts and Sciences | Maxwell School. While ambassadors come from different majors, states, countries, backgrounds, and more, they all bleed Orange.

Because of their academic strengths, connections to campus activities, communication skills, and leadership qualities, ambassadors provide advice and mentorship to prospective and current Syracuse students. Ambassadors may volunteer to work with prospective students, first-year students, or both.

To help prospective students learn about what life at Syracuse would be like, ambassadors:

  • Connect with high school and potential transfer students who are interested in applying to or enrolling in A&S | Maxwell.
  • Meet prospective students and their families during campus events and virtual events.
  • Show campus visitors important facilities around campus, including the Life Sciences Complex and Eggers Hall.
  • Share their campus experiences on the A&S | Maxwell Student Ambassador Instagram page.
  • Our most active members are also featured on our student ambassadors page.

To help first-year students during their transition to college, ambassadors:

  • Check in with incoming students via email before their first semester begins.
  • Help students transition to college by responding to their questions about things like meal plans, the Syracuse app, study spaces, getting involved, what to do around campus, etc.
  • Escort new students through campus tours and other cohort building activities during Opening Weekend.
  • Provide registration advice during Opening Weekend and prior to Spring registration.
  • Help students adhere to registration deadlines throughout the year.
  • Provide resume review assistance during workshops throughout the semester.
  • Contribute to College of A&S | Maxwell social media posts and videos to share tips and walk-through videos of academic and career advising tools (registration, Degree Works, Handshake).
  • Serve as First-Year Forum mentors (optional).

Dean's Team Member Giving Advice

Benefits of Membership

Serving as an ambassador comes with many benefits, both during your time at Syracuse and beyond.

Ambassadors are given priority consideration for internships in the A&S | Maxwell Admissions Office, receive A&S | Maxwell Student Ambassador apparel each year, are invited to special social gatherings like breakfast and fun activities on campus, and receive graduation cords and a special designation in the convocation booklet when they graduate.

As an ambassador, you will have opportunities to develop skills that employers, graduate schools, medical schools, and other organizations are looking for. Serving as an ambassador demonstrates that you are a strong representative of A&S | Maxwell and have developed leadership skills. Ambassadors are also able to develop public speaking skills by serving as panelists at campus events. The A&S | Maxwell admissions team often provides letters of recommendation for ambassadors as they apply for scholarships, internships, jobs, medical school, law school, and other professional opportunities.

Importantly, ambassadors also earn a strong, positive reputation as they serve as the face of A&S | Maxwell, representing both colleges to those outside the University.

members of the deans team in gray shirts

How Can I Join?

We are not currently accepting applications, but we do recruit new student ambassadors each year. When the application becomes available, eligible students will receive an email the A&S | Maxwell Deans Offices announcing that it is time to apply!

If you are currently interested in applying and would like to make the A&S | Maxwell admissions team aware of your interest, please email Chris Bezdedeanu at Chris is also happy to answer any questions you may have about the application requirements, membership requirements, ambassador activities, etc.