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Alumni Yearbook

We couldn't be more proud of our vast network of alumni. From rollerskating in your graduation garb to the almost-mandatory photo in front of Hall of Languages, we're always excited to see you and your beautiful snapshots. Keep sending them in, and maybe you'll find yourself featured in the next issue of the Arts and Sciences magazine.

Michael Crosby ’08, G’11 (left) and his husband pose for a photo in front of the Hall of Languages.

Robert Glassman ’69 Ph.D. with his parents at graduation, held in Archbold Stadium.

No better color to wear than orange for Carolyn Conley ’03 (right).

The opening of Manley Field House:

"That opening night at Manley Field House in 1962 was memorable on many levels: the incomparable Dave Bing was showcased; the 4:01 indoor mile victory by Bruce Kidd suggested that the Syracuse banked board track was lightning fast; the raucous crowd demonstrated that even frigid weather and the long haul out to the field house wouldn't be a problem; Ernie Davis's Heisman Trophy sat in the lobby and attracted attention; and so on. This 17-year-old freshman was the lead runner of a victorious two mile relay at halftime, just prior to the open mile. It was all new and thrilling. Nice memories."

Martin Miller ’66

Rachel Baker ’08 rocks her orange sequined Uggs on a cold day in front of the Hall of Languages.

Sarah (Babcock) Boyce ’00 (right) with her sons Teddy (far left) and A.J. and husband Jeremy make a snowy trek to the Dome in January 2019 to cheer on the men’s basketball team.

After taking a memorable form of transportation to Commencement, Jon Bowman ’81 enjoyed a rewarding career in television and radio, with positions in Syracuse, Buffalo and Denver.

Photo from 1968 on the Syracuse University campus. Three girls sitting on steps outside.

Candy Low O'Brien ’72 (middle), a psychology major, remembers her first days at Syracuse University back in 1968. "This is when freshman had to wear their beanies or be in some serious trouble! Those four years were great and I still think back on my college days at SU!"

An eye-opening course:

"I enrolled in a beginning anthropology course which was then taught by Professor James Tuck in the winter session of 1966. During my four years at SU, the time I spent in this course was one of the most enlightening due to the unique subject matter and the brilliant students with whom I was associated with."

Richard C. Mason ’66

Allyssa Kaiser 3x2

Allyssa Kaiser ’13 (right) enjoys the fall foliage with a friend during 2015's Orange Central weekend.

Jhulianna Cintron 3x2

Jhulianna Cintron ’10 and Aric Johnson ’08 (School of Information Studies) capture an engagement photo in front of the Hall of Languages.

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