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Faculty in the News

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Whatever the news of the day is, A&S researchers and thinkers can help us understand the context behind the headlines. This selection of faculty media appearances and quotations offer perspective on the cultural currents in the United States, including one that just may be your 'cup of tea.'

Kevin Antshel

CNBC interviewed Kevin Antshel, professor of psychology, on the psychological toll of uncertainty and not knowing what’s coming next with the COVID-19 pandemic. He was also quoted in a Vox article which explored why election uncertainty is difficult for the public to process.

Joshua Felver

Joshua Felver, assistant professor of psychology, was quoted in an MSN article offering tips to prepare for a COVID-19 winter.

Walter Freeman

Walter Freeman, associate teaching professor of physics, was quoted in a The Philadelphia Inquirer article regarding this year’s Halloween full moon, which was the first of this millennium.

Professor Jason Fridley

Biology Professor Jason Fridley was quoted in a New York Post article about unknown seeds appearing in the U.S.

Afton Kapuscinski

Afton Kapuscinski, assistant teaching professor and director of the Psychological Services Center, was quoted in two USA Today articles about this year’s presidential election. The first offered ways to cope with election day stress and the second considered the effect of a close election on the nation’s divide.

Romita Ray

Art and Music Histories Associate Professor Romita Ray was featured in an article on livemint, one of India’s premium business news publications, about the history of the highly collectible mustache teacup. The innovative Victorian design, which dates back to the 1860s, looks like a regular teacup from the outside but a look from above reveals a ledge to keep a man’s mustache in place.

Herb Ruffin

Herb Ruffin, associate professor of African American Studies (AAS), was featured in Business Insider, commenting on the growth of the Black Lives Matter movement. He was also quoted in two articles in USA Today: One considered whether resuming or halting the NBA season would help the league’s efforts to fight racial inequality and the other explored NBA players' social justice initiatives looking ahead to next season.

Sascha Scott

Sascha Scott, associate professor of Native American and Indigenous Studies, was quoted in an article from about the National Gallery of Art’s first major painting by a Native American artist.

Bradley Seymour

Bradley Seymour, assistant teaching professor of psychology, appeared in an article published by MSN offering ways to manage seasonal depression.

Danielle Smith

Danielle Smith, professor in AAS and director of the Renée Crown University Honors Program, had three op-eds published. Two appeared on “Racism and the fallacy of a few bad apples” and “Claiming Black on Black violence blames the victim;” and another was published on titled “Black Lives Matter Is a Continuum of Black Protest Over Centuries.” She was also quoted in an article on the sports website, The Athletic, about Salatha Willis, Syracuse University’s Associate Athletic Director for Diversity, Culture and Climate.