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Collage of people behind a silhouette of Hall of Languages.

Celebrating 150 Years of Arts & Sciences

As A&S' sesquicentennial commemoration draws to a close, we invite you to revisit our history...and also look toward a future of promise. The pandemic is showing signs of receding and social justice is a moral imperative. Now is a moment when our students, faculty and alumni can take a stand and shape the next 150 years. While much has changed since our founding as Syracuse University's first college, what hasn't is the intellectual fearlessness and ethical compass that are hallmarks of the A&S family. Together, let's continue to make the world healthier, more hopeful and more human.

Hall of Languages early photo.

New entry added for 2021. Check out our timeline for a firsthand look at some of the major events in A&S' and the University’s history.

Campus in 1889: Hall of Languages, Van Ranke Library (now Tolley) and Crouse College

Celebrate your part in A&S’ remarkable history with our commemorative digital magazine. You’ll walk back in time and look ahead to the future.

Don't miss the new Commencement "then and now" pair! You'll really see what has changed in the campus experience and what remains the same with these hands-on photos.

This video is dedicated to each of you — student, faculty, staff and alumni — who embrace the freedom to ask, "What if?"

Archbold Stadium

Through the decades, the campus has evolved from pastoral setting to neighborhood to growing beyond its historic, physical boundaries. Meet some of the buildings which were part of the University's earlier years. Do you remember any of them?

Holden Observatory being moved on a flatbed truck.

Are you a family history buff who loves genealogy? Then you'll enjoy these department histories, fresh from our online attic.

Edith Flanigen accepting an award from Barack Obama.

Through discoveries and contributions to the sciences, arts and humanities, the A&S family is making the world healthier, more hopeful and more human.

150th desktop wallpaper shows a Celebrating 150 Years banner.

Decorate your desktop or phone with a commemorative College of Arts and Sciences' 150th Anniversary wallpaper.