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Spring '21 Magazine

Journeys of Discovery

The human desire to explore, take action and relive experience through memory never disappears, even in turbulent times. It just shifts form—we create when we cannot travel. Whether poems or scientific hypotheses, our ideas bring us to a better future.

As summer approaches and A&S' 150th anniversary draws to a close, let's look forward together and embrace the joy of curiosity. You'll be energized by this edition's stories of unforgettable students, faculty and alumni forging new paths of creativity and discovery. Find more on the A&S news page. Enjoy the journey!

Nidaa Aljabbarin on the steps leading up to Crouse College.

A Story of Hope

A&S biology student Nidaa Aljabbarin, a refugee of Syria, uses poetry to share her family's personal journey the day they left home.

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Artist rendering of the metallic asteroid 16 Psyche.

Understanding Metal Worlds Through Lava

The Syracuse Lava Project explores what volcanoes might look like on metallic planets.

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View of New York City skyline from Newtown Creek.

Forgotten in Plain Sight

New creative project brings renewed attention to a famous New York City waterway.

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Bee pollinating a flower.

What Governs Nature's Relationships?

From the mutualism between bees and plants to the viability of using 3D-printed beetles in mating studies, the Segraves Lab is getting to the bottom of how species interactions affect species diversity.

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Richard Levy sitting in his office in 1981.

Giving Back to Honor a Great Mentor

Peter Robison ’78 Ph.D. recognizes longtime biology professor Dick Levy by establishing an endowment to support student research.

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Ify Ojukwu conducting research in a lab.
Epifluorescence image of extracellular vimentin

A&S physicists are leading a team of researchers to pinpoint a novel method to block cellular uptake of the coronavirus.

Folio from Glosae in Regula.

LLL professor Matthieu Herman van der Meer was recently awarded for his outstanding research of a Medieval Monastic text.

Dylan Bryant in Spain.

Alumni Postcard: Dylan Bryant ’20 put pandemic uncertainty aside and has spent the last year teaching in Spain. Read about his experience abroad.

Side by side headshots of George Langford and Virginia Burrus.

Two A&S professors join Albert Einstein and Martin Luther King, Jr. as members of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences.

Laura Marsolek '13, '17 M.A., used skills she learned during her time as a Luce Scholar at SU to start her own line of jewelry featuring the Thewa technique.

Artist rendering of a neutron star merger.

A&S graduate student Nick Didio highlights the Syracuse student and faculty researchers who are contributing to groundbreaking discoveries in astronomy.

Carole Leland accepting ATHENA leadership award.

What does alumna Carole Leland ’56 have in common with Billie Jean King and Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Each are recipients of the Global ATHENA award.

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Main virutal gathering room at the College of Arts and Sciences' undergraduate research festival.
Mudslide in Brazil.
Portrait of Carol Bullard
Group of students in their graduation caps, gowns and masks.
Older bookshelves with a library ladder leaning against it.
Hungarian Parliament Building in Budapest.