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Fall '21 Magazine

Taking Back History, Owning the Future: the A&S Ethos

Earlier this fall, nearly 150 Arts and Sciences graduates attended their pandemic-delayed 2020 Commencement. Returning to campus months after their studies ended shows how connected these young alumni are to the A&S community of achievement. Like the generations of A&S students who came before them, and those who will come after, these students had a fire to make the world healthier, more hopeful and more human. In this issue, you'll see so many examples of the A&S family doing just that by addressing past injustices and solving today's challenges. We all may bleed orange, but all A&S hearts beat with the ethos of intellectual fearlessness and ethical action.

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Painting of Seneca chief Red Jacket.

Taking Back History

A&S scholars are uncovering historic and cultural truths around the world, thanks to some of the nation’s most preeminent fellowships.

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Close-up view of the stumbling stones honoring Simon and Frieda Herschberg.

Honoring Lives Lost

Syracuse students take action to help a relative of Holocaust victims learn about his family’s past.

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Child undergoing tests to examine the connection between excitement and speech motor control.

Sensing Solutions

Researchers in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders use state-of-the-art technology to understand and address communication challenges.

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epict the Artist depiction of the moment when the sun is projected to engulf the Earth in 7.5 billion years.

Energy and Momentum

Faculty, local teachers and high school students share their passion for physics.

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Researchers examine an Ordovician Period outcrop on the shoreline of Anticosti Island.

Earth and Environmental Sciences researchers seek to answer questions about our planet in an effort to combat climate change and assist in conservation efforts around the world. Read how they are uncovering Earth's mysteries.

Side by side portraits of Channelle Benz and Mona Awad.
Madeline Messare on the Syracuse University campus.

With a goal of being a behavioral analyst with the FBI, Madeline Messare '22 is maximizing her A&S experience by majoring in forensic science and psychology and minoring in Chinese language. Read Madeline's story.

Syracuse University student using blue light to inspect evidence.

A patent was recently issued to Syracuse University for a novel method of DNA mixture interpretation. Read how researchers are harnessing machine learning for human justice.

Wayne Franits viewing  the painting Roman Charity.

Distinguished Professor of Art History Wayne Franits was instrumental in the rediscovery of a 17th-century painting once believed to be lost to the ages.

Sloth climbing a tree.

Sloths, monkeys and owls, oh my! Find out how a biology major gained hands-on experience with endangered animals in Costa Rica.

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Jazmine Richardson working in a labratory.
Jade Fulce holding a large College of Arts and Sciences picture frame.
Suspended book in bookstore.
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Active volcano in Iceland.