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The Future-proofed Student

What prepares our students—what prepared you—for an unpredictable but often exciting future?

A liberal arts education. This time-tested approach empowers students with the deep knowledge and flexibility needed for nearly any career and for life. See how A&S is making this happen, and be inspired by alumni who leveraged their education to make the world healthier, more hopeful and more human.

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Students throwing caps in the air.

Flexible and Future-Proofed

Through signature innovation, A&S is keeping its liberal arts experience contemporary and valuable for a student’s lifetime.

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Graphic representation of a DNA strand.

Making a Difference at Moderna

Thanks to the A&S | Maxwell alumni connections program, two A&S grads are teaming up to fight evolving diseases.

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David Mwambari teaching a class of students.

For Future Generations

David Mwambari's G’10 Syracuse University experience served as a springboard for a global scholarly journey. Through his current project, he is giving voice to present-day refugees.

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