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Reaching Great Heights

From an astronaut shattering the glass ceiling to researchers uncovering the secrets behind one of Earth's most notorious extinctions, A&S alumni, students and faculty are living decisively in an ever-changing world. In this issue you can read about the ways our A&S community is making a lasting impact to make the world healthier, more hopeful, and more human.

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Eileen Collins standing in front of an aircraft.

From Syracuse to Space

A&S alumna and astronaut Eileen Collins talks about her experiences as an A&S student and as a highly decorated pilot.

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Students standing in a line on a dock.

'Seeing Possibility For Myself'

The SUSTAIN program continues to cultivate and support STEM talent as it approaches its fifth year.

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Artist rendering of a scene from northern Laurentia (North America) in the period a few weeks after the Chicxulub impact showing the onset of freezing weather and skies loaded with sulfur aerosols.

The Impact of Extinction

EES researchers explore lingering questions about the source of atmospheric sulfur that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs.

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Portrait of Jehan Muhialdain.

Students like Jehan Muhialdain ’22 get a first-hand look at the financial industry thanks to programs like the Stocks and Finance and Winston Fisher immersions.

group of three students

Reimagining the Core: A&S faculty, students and alumni take a fresh look at key curricular requirements.

National Science Foundation logo.

An A&S Record: Five faculty members receive NSF CAREER grants to support their innovative research and educational outreach.

Students and faculty gathered around a table at an Africa Initiative meeting.

The Africa Initiative brings together students and faculty at Syracuse University with a shared interest in scholarship on Africa and Global Africans.

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Portrait of AJ Willingham.
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