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Antonina Distefano

Antonina Distefano

Antonina Distefano

Part-Time Instructor, Italian


Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics



Italian Language Literature and Culture

Teaching Interests

Teaching enthusiastically and encouraging creativity and critical thinking to move the students to an optimal level of performance in the language (Italian or Spanish) have been Antonina’s interest and goal.  Her classes are marked by lively interaction between her and students and among students by quick pace and a general feeling among students that they enjoy learning the language.


ITA 101 Italian I

ITA 102 Italian II

ITA 200 Italian Oral Practice


  • M.A., Spanish and Spanish Literature, Syracuse University (1980)
  • B.A., Modern Languages, Lemoyne College (1971, cum laude)


  • Italian Liaison, Syracuse University Project Advance, 2001-present
  • Italian Instructor, Syracuse University, 1981-present
  • Italian and Spanish Teacher, Bishop Ludden Jr./Sr. High School, 1979-2001
  • Language Chairperson, Bishop Ludden Jr./Sr. High School, 1979-2001
  • Spanish Teaching Assistant, Syracuse University, 1978-1979
  • Spanish Teacher, Most Holy Rosary High School, 1972-1978

Other Interests

When not teaching, Antonina fills up her time joyfully watching her five grandchildren.  They bring her life and energy, and at the same time, she continues “teaching” by ensuring that all five children are able to understand and communicate in the Italian language.   She loves to cook, especially Italian food for their hungry bellies.  During her time off, she enjoys taking cruises to the Caribbean, Mexico and South America, and traveling around countries such as Italy, Spain, France and Switzerland.  She extended this love for travel and culture to high school students by organizing bi-yearly weeklong tours to these countries.