Orange Alert

Statement of Solidarity

Posted on: March 19, 2021

Dear A&S students, faculty and staff,

I can only start this message by saying that my heart goes out to the Asian and Asian American members of our community. As a dean and as a person, I stand with you.

Earlier this week, I asked everyone within the College to rally around community members targeted by the racist messages found in several University buildings. Now in the wake of the shootings in Atlanta that took the lives of eight people—six of whom were of Asian descent—I am redoubling my plea to support fellow students, faculty and staff who may be suffering the unseen, but very painful effects, of this hate crime.

I also ask you to join me in denouncing and condemning all forms of hate and bias. Our resolve and aspirations are stronger than ever—to create, lead and live in a community that promotes the inclusion of all.

For anyone who may wish it, please know that support is available through:

· Center for International Services: 315.443.2457,
· Dean of Students Office: 315.443.4357,
· STOP Bias: 315.443.3514,
· Barnes Center at The Arch: 315.443.8000,

In sadness and solidarity,
Karin Ruhlandt